Illicit liquor consumers are 'Mahapaapis': Nitish Kumar 

Govt is not responsible If people dying after consuming illicit liquor, they are only responsible for it,,says Bihar CM Nitish

Illicit liquor consumers are 'Mahapaapis': Nitish Kumar 

Patna: After facing criticism from various quarters on the ‘utter failure’ of a full liquor ban in the State, Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar has described the alcoholics as big sinners.

The opposition, which is holding Nitish responsible for increasing cases of hooch tragedy after banning on liquor, said that his government cannot be asked to pay a relief package to people who have died of consuming deadly liquor.

Stating that even Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was against the consumption of liquor, he said that those who still consume liquor are "Mahapaapi and Mahaayogya." ( big sinners and useless)”, Nitish said.

Claiming that people drink hooch even after knowing that it is deadly and could kill them, he said that if they are still drinking then they are responsible for the consequences they face, the government should not be held responsible for that.

"It's their fault. They consume liquor even after knowing that it could be toxic," he said.

He made the remarks after the Bihar Assembly introduced and passed an amendment bill that seeks to make the liquor ban less stringent for first-time offenders in the state.

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Responding to the allegations of the opposition that people are losing life by consuming illicit liquor because of the failed liquor policy of the State, he said that people should be held responsible for their death when they drink deadly liquor even after knowing it well.

After the Bihar Prohibition and Excise (Amendment) Bill, 2022, gets the Governor's approval, first-time offenders will get bail from the duty magistrate after depositing a fine. However, if the person fails to pay it, he or she is liable to face a one-month jail term.